Al khebra Academy | FAQ

The lost international driving license can not be replaced and you need to apply for a new permit by visiting us

No, you will need to extract a replacement for your driver’s license before applying for an international driving license

You need to obtain a local driving license to get an international license

Yes you can apply for any category you wish based on the documents required

If you currently have a medical condition which impacts your ability to drive safely, a medical certificate may be needed. For information on when a medical certificate is needed and how to get one please contact Hamad Medical Corporation

Yes. You must produce your driver’s license without delay upon request by an Enforcement Officer

Your eyesight will be tested when you renew your driver’s license or apply for your learner’s. Alternatively, you may bring an Eye Test Certificate from an optometrist or Ophthalmologist approved by the traffic

Yes, you require an Eye Test which you may get it in our premises or from any Ophthalmologist approved by the traffic

Not allowed to drive/ride alone without a licensed instructor in an authorized training vehicle/ Bike

You may visit or premises for renewal

Yes. You must pass your Theory first to start your practical training

Not allowed to practice at home with anyone who’s not licensed as an instructor by the licensing authority

The Learners permit will expire after 3 months of issuing

You can visit our offices, call us or go to any Driving Licensing Agent for a full information. Alternatively, you can visit the Traffic Headquarter in Madint Khalifa

Yes you can call us and we will provide you with the test date. For Further information concerning the test you may follow this link

No, you must be within the country to renew

Visit our offices and pay the required fee and a new license will be provided after few days

 Yes you can but once you get the residence permit then it’s not allowed as per the traffic rules

As per the Traffic and safety rules all training vehicle must be equipped with dual pedal controls

As per Qatar Traffic rule not allowed since not authorized for that purpose

We have specific Test vehicle of the similar brand of what you used to train with

After utilizing all you training lessons you can buy extra classes at QR150 each

We will contact you as soon as possible but just in case you may call us directly

Our scheduler will try to accommodate a lesson within your time frames; however this does depend on their schedules. We advise booking at least a couple of weeks in advance

Waiting times will vary depending on the time of the year (school holiday periods get very busy) and the time of the day you are looking for based as well with the language you prefer

Our scheduler will try to accommodate a lessons within your time frames; however this does depend on the schedule availability

We advise booking at least a couple of weeks/ days in advance

We will try to accommodate you based on your requirement though we have provision of those days

All out training starts here and end here in our training premises. Only for Platinum Students it may start from their houses

Our instructors will teach you all the skills necessary to pass the test and how to become a safe and confident driver. A Testing Officer will expect you to demonstrate all the necessary safe driving skills on a route of his choice

All the test are conducted by Traffic police officers

Yes. It’s a great idea to take a driving lesson to refresh and develop your skills no matter how long you have been driving

Yes, you may get the same instructor though it all depend with his/her availability

This will depend on a number of different factors; the amount of previous experience you’ve had, how much time you can allocate to learning to drive and so forth

An instructor will need to discuss this with you and will most likely need to assess your current driving ability to give you an accurate answer

If you wish to cancel a lesson please contact us directly by phone/text message or email or you can come to our customer service. Remember terms and conditions applies

Yes, however please make prior arrangement with our office for authorization issuance. Generally this is OK as long as the observer remains silent and isn’t a distraction during the lesson, though he/she must be first family of the student and only applicable to females

Yes, we are happy to pick up and drop off at different locations within Qatar. You can pre-arrange this with our Transport Department which constitute you to a small extra fee

You may book a minimum of the 20 classes for half course and 40 for full course

We do provide both though this depends on your personal preference and your driving requirements

This depends on your personal preference and your driving requirements. Generally, an automatic car is easier to drive as you do not need to operate a clutch pedal to change gear

If you pass your test in an automatic car, you can only legally drive automatic cars. If you pass in a manual car you can drive both manual and automatic cars from then on.


Yes. You may change the instructor though the management would wish to know why and again you may not get a close training schedule

Yes, if you know the name of the instructor you’d wish to have lessons with

Yes. All of our instructors are equally qualified. However if you have a specific request you’re more than welcome

All of our vehicles are fully insured and dual controlled for your safety and as per the policy

Please you may contact us directly +974 40324444

All of our instructors are fully qualified as required by law to teach driver training in Qatar. They are also audited to ensure they meet the Al-Khebra high training standards more over they’ve passed the required Qatar traffic police check